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Made in L.A Means

Please read the processes below. You will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the price points for all pieces Made in Los Angeles. I understand not everyone will be able to but when you purchase any of these styles you are directly supporting every one of these people who's hands are behind each one of these processes marked with a "$". 

Price points of the Made in LA pieces will be 175.00-695.00.

These prices do not reflect my time, hundreds of hours researching, sourcing, decades of experience, and lifetime of developing my own artistic design aesthetic.

This is my own investment that took risk to create with your continued support of me and my art. Because you have

purchased at one time or another I was able to reinvest to bring my dream collection to life. A year in the making with the exact sustainable materials and customs pieces I wanted to create with this collection, I THANK YOU! This would not have been possible otherwise.


Detailed info


Happy Shopping!

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