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SWAIA 2023

Hello! Im so glad you found the news and updates page. Please, I cannot stress this enough, please use your measurements to order, not your "size". They differ from style to style, you may need a size bigger or smaller depending on the piece so please double check.  

Sorry that this section has been neglected, this year has been a busy one with a lot of new art and FASHION. New looks and a very special collection coming soon.  You will be getting a preview at the Santa Fe Indian Markets fashion show on August 20th.  

Keep on the look out for email blasts on all important info regarding these special collections.  Lots coming at ya soon!!


Thank you so very much for all your support. Every "like" "Share" "comment" and of course, your purchases mean the world to me.  I cannot do this without all your amazing support.  I get to do what I love and that is thanks to you. 



Detailed info


Happy Shopping!

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